Surgery & Reference Hernia Centre
Surgery & Reference Hernia Centre

Hernia surgery: find the experts in Hamburg

A particular focus at the Wilhelmsburg Hospital Groß-Sand is the hernia surgery. In our specialized and certified hernia centre we operate more than 1500 patients yearly suffering from: 
  • inguinal hernias
  • abdominal wall hernias
  • incisional hernias
  • umbilical hernias
  • hiatus hernias
  • fractured thighs
  • stoma hernias
Overall, inguinal hernia is the most common problem. Furthermore, we are specialized for umbilical hernias and incisional hernias. With the MILOS-surgery technique, we have developed a very own method which can be used for any abdominal hernias including umbilical- and incisional hernias as well as rectus diastasis. At present, our MILOS operation is the worldwide leading technique in hernia surgery. So, we´re happy to welcome patients from all over the world in our clinic in Hamburg.

ehs 2019: Welcome to Hamburg!

Dr. Wolfgang Reinpold is congress president of the 41th annual international congress of the European Hernia Society 2019. Watch his welcome video: 
  • Wolfgang Reinpold

    Dr. Wolfgang Reinpold

    Director of Surgery &
    Reference Hernia Centre

MILOS operation „made in Hamburg“: a global milestone

For an optimal treatment of abdominal hernias, umbilical hernias, and incisional hernias as well as rectus diastasis we have developed a very own endoscopic technique. MILOS stands for mini-or less- open sublay and convinces with excellent results.

With the MILOS-technique, only small skin cuts are necessary. Under general anesthetic a camera as well as the instruments will be placed. Next, the peritoneum will be detached from the abdominal wall. With small Instruments, the plastic mesh will be placed outside the abdominal cavity. After that, the hernia defect will be closed with minimal tension above the mesh.

Before MILOS, surgeons had to do bigger skin incisions or the mesh had to be placed in the inside of the abdominal cavity - which occured higher complications. The first long-term study has been published in 2018 in the world-famous Annals of Surgery magazine. This international journal attests the MILOS-operation significantly less complications than other surgical techniques. So, the hernia centre Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg developed with the invention of MILOS a milestone in hernia surgery – something we are very proud of.

Advantages of the MILOS operation:

  • Small, careful skin incisons
  • Mesh implants outside of the abdominal cavity
  • No traumatic mesh fixation
  • Good anatomical reconstruction of the abdominal wall
  • Hernia defect is closed with minimal tension above the mesh
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Significantly less chronic pain one year after the surgery compared to other operation-techniques
  • Significantly less complications such as organ injuries, infections or hemorrhages.

MILOS: developed in Hamburg – successful worldwide

At present, the MILOS-Operation is being discovered by different hospitals – national and international. We have already performed more than 2000 MILOS-surgeries, which makes us worldwide the leading MILOS-clinic.

Overview: Hernia surgery Hamburg

Besides MILOS, we offer a variety of methods for the very different kinds of hernias and patients. Such as:
  • Inguinal hernia TAPP/TEP (endoscopic)
  • Inguinal hernia repair with Shouldice technique (open method)
  • Inguinal hernia repair with Lichtenstein technique ( open method, local anesthesia possible)
  • Hiatus hernia repair (laparoscopic)
  • Stoma hernia repair (laparoscopic)

Whenever possible, we want to proceed modern, minimal-invasive surgery techniques with small skin cuts. Often, we can use two to three millimeter small Instruments.

Advantages of minimal-invasive surgery:

  • Recurrent abdominal cuts
  • Defective Wound closure technique
  • Small cuts
  • Short stay in hospital
  • Fast resilience after the operation
We will find out together which kind of Operation is the right one for you in our consultation hours.

Certified reference centre with excellent medical quality

Apart from our extremely high number of operations, our excellent medical quality is also proved by the very low complication rate: In our clinic, the risk of recurrent hernias 5 years after filling in the plastic meshes is under 1%. Also, the risk of chronic pain is under 1%. These are only some of the reasons why our hospital is one of only a few certified reference centres for hernia surgery in Germany. In addition, Dr. Reinpold is President of the German Hernia Association (DHG) since 2014.